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Dog sledding rides in Transylvanian mountains

Company: Lonely Stone ; Reference number of the offer: GL100857

N 046° 39’ 00"
E 025° 49’ 00"
Contact details
How about Alaskan Malamute dog sledding rides and trips in the middle of nature, in a wonderful and unique Transylvanian landscape? How about adventured rides with our dogs in every season?

We are proud to present you our Alaskan Malamute family. You will find friendly, pure heart dogs, lovely and great working dogs! We can tell you a lot of stories about each of our dogs, about their dog-show results, about mushing and their results in international sleddog races, and especially we can offer you dogsled rides with our beloved dogs!
Take advantage of a unique opportunity to discover the special relationship between those who really make a team: the man and his dogs. You will see the valorization of work qualities in our dogs wich are great Champions in beauty contests also.
Our town in located at the foot of the Hasmas Mountains and a dog sledding tour in those beautiful dream lanscapes offers the possibility of living unforgettable feelings. Take the opportunity to be in the midst of our dogs and you will remember moments as the famous "Snow Dogs" or "Eight Below" movie story.
Option(s) of the offer Price
Option 1: Dogsled ride 60 euro see option

Option 1: Dogsled ride

At Balan town we have chosen a route for sleddogs ride (approx. 1.8 km), the landscape is nice and safe. On the sled may sit one or more people. Sled can be pulled by 6 to 10 dogs. For longer trips we use a forest road, the route length of is approximately 15 km.
Availability: 2013.12.01 - 2014.03.31
Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: 60 euro
Price inc.: dogsledding
Price exc.: transport to our place (Balan town)
Difficulty and suitability: easy
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