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Type: Courses
Category: Rock climbing

beginner rock climbing course, arco

Company: Kaland-Sport Outdoor Ltd.

You can learn climbing techniques, belaying techniques on this course. At the end you will be able to lead sport climbing routes and multipitch routes.
Arco, Italy
Price: 299 euro
Type: Day Activities
Category: Off-road

minitank.cz - become a tank driver

Company: MiniTANK.cz

"Where passes the wheels… Try continuous tracks!"
Benesov, Czech Republic
Price: 60 euro
Type: Day Activities
Category: Dogsledding

dog sledding rides in transylvania...

Company: Lonely Stone

How about Alaskan Malamute dog sledding rides and trips in the middle of nature, in a wonderful and unique Transylvanian landscape? How about adventured rides with our dogs in every season?
Balan, Romania
Price: 60 euro
Type: Day Activities
Category: Rock climbing

sport climbing course

Company: Aktivni planet d.o.o.

We organize sport climbing courses with our experienced teachers.
Bovec, Slovenia
Price: 50 euro
Type: Day Activities
Category: Hydrospeed [...]

extreme hydrospeed

Company: Aktivni planet d.o.o.

For experienced hydrospeeders in good shape we offer a guided descend starting in the gorge adding velocity to your riverboogie. Feel like Soca Trout. Accelerating. Exhilarating. Dazzling. Best ride in the park. ​
Bovec, Slovenia
Price: 52 euro
Type: Day Activities
Category: Hydrospeed [...]

hydrospeed for beginners

Company: Aktivni planet d.o.o.

Feel Soca live. Hydrospeeding makes you part of the river. Bouncing waves in tow by the flow. Hold on to the handles on your boogieboard and cruise down Soca. Splashing the fins on your feet help you change direction fast. Flip and roll back up. You learn to read the river and get a work-out. Take-off in mild conditions allows you to practise before we propel into turbulence. Aktivni Planet Technicians assist you throughout. On Soca they kayak near you for your utmost safety.
Bovec, Slovenia
Price: 46 euro