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E-bikes rental in Prague

Company: I Like E-Bikes - Electric bike tours; Reference number of the offer: GL100017

N 050° 04’ 59"
E 014° 28’ 00"
Contact details
"Prague is a biker’s paradise. There are plenty of parks and cycling paths, which enable you to enjoy the fresh air, while riding directly to most of the monuments."

This eco-friendly way of transport is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike. Tourists enjoy the easy and effortless access to Prague’s historical jewels, while locals appreciate the quick and healthy way to beat the traffic. Perhaps that is the reason why last year, Tripadvisor users voted I Like Ebike the best place for bike rentals and cycling tours in Prague. And this year we will make sure you know why we are number one!

We offer E-bikes to rent, and you will be able to enjoy our lovely city on two wheels with a little help! 8)

1/2 DAY - 20 eur
1 DAY - 37 eur
24 HRS - 50 eur

2 DAYS - 70 eur
3 DAYS - 100 eur

GPS Guide - 16 eur

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