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Cappanalea OEC

Username: cappanalea.oec | Base country: Ireland
„Cappanalea provides a complete range of adventure sports, with top quality safety equipment and qualified instructors. The activities offered are all covered by Cappanalea's insurance and they are organised to meet all levels of capabilities

Our mission is to provide a balanced, broadly based and proactive Outdoor Education Service of the highest quality, in which the resources available are deployed as to sensitively maximise the use of the outdoors as a means of :

Furthering formal education
Enhancing personal/interpersonal development & physical well being (healthy lifestyle)
Promoting outdoor sporting skills and recreational activities (sports for all)
Developing a greater environmental awareness
Promoting excellence in sport

Cappanalea is an Outdoor Education Centre(OEC) that focuses on personal development. Our programmes can include the full range of adventure sports and field study activities, which make students aware of and develop their often hidden talents and skills. We also teach them about team building and how to make their contribution to the effectiveness of a team. In our programmes we use adventure education and outdoor/wildernesss experiences to enhance the learning outcomes.
Depending on the abilities of the students we run our programmes on either introductory or more advanced levels of proficiency as we are aware that each group (or indiviual) has different needs and learning objectives. Whether you're young or not so young, fit or otherwise, by yourself or with a group, Cappanalea can cater for you.

Canoeing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Sailing, Raft Building, Camping, Hill Walking, Rock Climbing, Orienteering, Bouldering, Field Studies, Team initiatives.”
Countries of operation: Ireland
Activities: Mountain biking, Mountaineering

Ras na Riochta ( Canoei...

Ireland / Gleann Beithe
Author: cappanalea.oec