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Discover Latvia

Username: Discover-Latvia | Base country: Latvia
„"Discover Latvia" is travel company offering many different and inspiring tours in Latvia and Riga, like walking tours, bike tours, hiking tours, boating tours, culture tours and many other.
In our offerings you will find not just the tours in Riga, but also tours around Latvia and it's city tours.

Company "Discover Latvia" is offering you personal a approach and it's not offering tours on big busses with crowds of tourists. It's a very individual, unique experience, which will let you see and feel more of that how the locals live here.

We all here, in this company, are thinking "Green" and that's why you will find many Active Recreation and Nature tours as well, because we love our country and the nature around us!”
Countries of operation: Latvia
Activities: Bird watching, Bungee jumping, Hang gliding, Hiking, Kayaking, Land wildlife wat...
Attractions: Canyons, Valley

Bungee jumping in Sigul...

Latvia / Sigulda
Author: Discover-Latvia

Summer-Autumn Season in...

Latvia / Riga
Author: Discover-Latvia

Time in Latvia

Latvia / Riga
Author: Discover-Latvia

Spring to Summer- Seaso...

Latvia / Riga
Author: Discover-Latvia

Winter to Spring- Seaso...

Latvia / Riga
Author: Discover-Latvia