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Seascape Sailing Center

Username: stibra | Base country: Croatia
„The idea of launching Seascape Sailing Center was founded in fact instinctively, already after the first sailing in Seascape 18 boat. It was love at first sight, we recognized the advantages offered by this boat.

Simplicity allows beginners to sail, and just after one day of training you will have the speed that can match all other boats in the fleet and you will have very close tactical regattas.

Advanced sailors will quickly elicit a smile on your face as soon as they sit on the boat and raise the sails. The best proof of very tense and close regattas was the first event in 2009. where the top sailors were under preasure all time, pushed by less experienced teams.

The goal of the center is to provide you adrenaline or recreational sailing, sailing in exciting and tactical boats, regardless of whether you want to sail one day or whole week, regardless of whether you want to compete, to do a training or go on a cruise in two. Seascape provides you sense of freedom where you have the comfort of a large tent, possibility to spend the night in another cove every day without thinking about finding a place to anchor or free mouring.

Welcome to our base Risanka (Cartoon), our sea-kayak and Seascape base in the wild nature of the magical National Park Kornati, which is part of the Unesco World Natural Heritage. George Bernard Shaw wrote about this secluded paradise on Earth, on the outskirts of Croatian Dalmatia, as he described it as made out of tears, stars and breath. These 89 islands, smaller islands and ridges of average size of 0.5 km² each, with 2700 sunny hours per year, are almost uninhabited. This is a place where tradition intertwines with the needs of the active man, who strives towards relishing the beauty of nature, pushing the limits of man’s endurance and towards researching within new adventure possibilities.

Risanka is situated right beside the sea, in a cosy and safe shelter of the deep Uvala Šipnat. It is called Risanka, because its owner wanted to give it a playful connotation, which we want to preserve and paint you a cartoon-perfect holiday. Three rooms offer a cosy environment for up to ten guests. The shady terrace and a wide garden are more than inviting in the summer, while in the winter the atmosphere of the gallery with a fireplace makes you feel like at home.
You can enjoy our culinary delights, which are prepared with local and seasoned goods. You are also invited to enjoy drinks at the bar.

Risanka is a sport. Total action. Total fun. Total switching off.
The crystal clear sea, which reaches unbelievable depths along the vertical rock walls, is sometimes so calm that it seems as if the sky has fallen into it, while at other times it is wild with white foamy waves reaching great heights along the rocky coast of small islands, which appear as if they have sunk deep into Poseidon’s rage.
We offer different enrapturing sport activities in an environment, which is special and where we can easily show you how much fun you can have rowing alongside the Mana cliff, while a wave splashes onto you, but you conquer it, as you continue to sail without an end in sight, somewhere towards Italy.

The sea-kayak is an adventure, is a way of life and in the end, a view from a different perspective. A day spent in the sea-kayak is like a first date, which finishes before it even really starts and makes you want to repeat it as soon as possible.
Our palette of rowing tours is quite colourful. Under the expert guidance of our likeable guides each tour is an adventure on its own. You can choose to take a less demanding tour for all the beginners, or you can embark on a journey to a more secluded destination for more experienced rowers. You will be enraptured by the experience!
10 boats are available, from rowing skiff (for 1 person) or boats for 2 persons with the complete rowing gear; life-jacket vests, rowing skirts and dry bags. All boats have rudders.

Seascape18, the European boat of 2010, is a true small beauty, which awaits you to embark on a great journey. On the islands of Kornati, where the sea is truly blue, and where in the distance, on the horizon, the islands form their shapes, Seascape does not allow you to overlook its beauty.
Our offer is vast. Allow yourself to take advantage of it, learn to sail under the exceptional guidance of our instructors, or employ your own knowledge and take the beauty for an adventurous spin on the sea. Seascape is more than just a boat; it is your ticket to fun and exciting free time!
The Seascape boats are up for grabs, all including the complete gear. Let the wind blow beneath your wings!
Countries of operation:

Seascape18 Sailing

Croatia / Sali