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Arctic Adventures

Username: ArcticAdventures | Base country: Iceland
„Arctic Adventures is an ecotourism company specializing in adventure travel. Arctic Adventures is Iceland´s largest and longest-running adventure travel company. Founded by an Icelandic couple in 1983, Arctic has been running for nearly 30 years and is going stronger than ever. We were founded as a rafting company, and now run trips based around kayaking, canoeing, hiking, snorkeling, caving, glacier walking, horse riding, and much more! We are Iceland´s most trusted tour company, and we hold our guides to the highest standards of safety and preparation. We respect and protect the nature in our country, and we want Iceland to be enjoyed by future generations. We hope you will join us on an adventure and make the most out of your time in Iceland!”
Countries of operation: Iceland
Activities: Caving, Hiking, Ice-climbing, Kayaking, Off road trips, Off-road, Rafting, Snork...

Arctic Adventures

Iceland / Reykjavík