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A helluva watch - Casio DW-5600E

27-03-2016 - [...]

We have already uploaded an article on the watches in general that can be great of help in the outdoors. But this time we would like to give you a review of a particular watch that has said to be one of the best quality/price ratios available out there.

This is the Casio G-shock DW-5600E. This is one of the most famous watch from Casio’s G-Shock product line. It is the biggest seller of the range, and the Casio page says it is “the quintessential G-Shock” Most of you probably know what the hell a G-Shock is, and what that phrase tries to mean. This brand of Casio is designed for sports, military and outdoor activities. Their Number one feature is the resistance to hard knocks or vibration and of course to water.  This beauty has 200M water resistance for instance. Be aware of the fact that this M doesn’t clearly refer to depth you can use the watch in. 


So it doesn’t mean that you can dive into the sea with one deep breath down to even 200 metres. It is a standard that roughly tells you that you can practice the following activities without any worries: swimming, surfing, sailing, snorkelling, water skiing, jet skiing. That’s all you have to know about this watch’s water resistance. I’m not going into the ISO standards, because at least half of you would switch to the Facebook tab, and would close Golopper’s, but you have to be aware of the difference between static and dynamic pressure. (The (200m) watches resistance are tested against 20 ATM static pressure. And in the water with every 10 metres down means 1 ATM.)

That is the most problematic issue regarding wrist watches, and 9 out of 10 people would say: “Yes, believe it or not, I could dive 200 metres with this watch.” (These guys forget that they could hardly go down that deep (even with a scuba set).)

Let’s get back to this beautiful G-Shock. As all members of the G family it also has stop watch, countdown timer, light (electro luminescent backlight) and alarm. This type was introduced in 1996. It has a nice classic look, because even it was introduced in 1996, they didn’t change to many things about its appearance from the 80’s. It has a four screw back plate, an ordinary LCD display with digits to help you checking the time. For most people over 30, the digital display watches are childish and they think they wouldn’t fit their suit, but the truth is it fits as hell.


You will make a very powerful impression with a nice suit, or even a fashionable shirt with a digital watch like this. It communicates that you are very confident and sporty of course, so you don’t need a Patek Philippe (which is a substitute for you: I mean a watch like that can very often worth more than its user). Lot of people try to hide their un-originality with a cool watch. But this masterpiece G-Shock will yell at everyone that its user is a super cool head. (Naturally others would say that with this watch you won’t look anything else than a simple programmer... don't believe it!)

Go on with its advantages! (If you would like to look for disadvantages of this given watch, before you would start it, I have to tell that it doesn’t have any.) It has a pretty good time keeping accuracy (± 15 seconds per month). (No question that an atomic time accuracy will do a better job.) It doesn’t have any fancy useless feature, it has the 3 basic modes that an everyday user or even outdoor guy would need: alarm, countdown timer (24 h max) and stop watch (24 h max). This clear and straightforward display gives all the info you will need. 

The very kind present from the engineers is that while you are using the stop watch or the countdown timer, you can still see and check the current time on the display. Besides the modes it has more features of course. It has for instance an Auto Calendar which is pre-programmed until the year of 2039, hourly time signal, multi-function alarm. The case seems to be quite durable, and its size is 48,2X42,9X12,8mm (height, width, thickness). 


It is very comfortable to wear, not too big, not too small, just has the right size. It has four buttons that are firm, and can hardly be depressed by chance. The case is made of a light but durable resin, the whole watch measures 52 grams.

All in all this is the number one sport watch I have ever seen and worn. But I’m afraid it’s also a matter of taste, and I let you decide it on your own, and I try to help you with some photos of my beauty. (My piece had had a bull bar before, which wasn’t the greatest idea, because it damaged the case a bit. (Those 4 signs make my watch unique!) 




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