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Primus Vacuum Bottles

03-04-2017 -

Dehydration... This is one of the worst enemy of all outdoor freaks. The easiest way how we can fight against it, is to carry beverages with us! We would like to introduce in a few words the colourful Vacuum Bottle produced by Primus, the Swedish outdoor expert.

The Cold & Hot Vacuum Bottles of Swedish brand Primus have stood the test of time: the sturdy vessels made of stainless steel keep the content cool if it’s hot outside and warm when the temperatures drop. We all know how good it can be when you are freezing in the outdoors and you an have a large sip of hot tea. Or the other side of the dime: when you are almost boiling in the summer on a hike.

These bottles in mixed fashion colours are available in a new size: besides the 0.35 and 0.75 litre bottles Primus now introduces a 0.2 litre model. For the kids or for the handbag – with a capacity of 0.2 litre the new bottle weighs just 230 g and thus is the light and handy way for quenching the little thirst.

Popular Cold & Hot Fashion Colour Vacuum Bottles from Primus are newly available with a capacity of 0.2 litre. With the new size the Swedish brand complements its series of colourful bottles. Already available models include 0.35 litre and 0.75 litre. Weighing in at only 230 g, the XS version is above all suitable for small baggage. Its compact size and its robust construction also make it the perfect companion for children. The inner life convinces with a double-walled construction of powder-coated and stainless steel (18/8) for a long life period. In addition, the drink keeps its temperature for a long time



because of its excellent isolation attributes – no matter if it is hot or cold. The environment friendly powder coating guarantees scratch protection. The C&H bottles feature a screw cap with an easy-handling Quick Stop mechanism. The closing/opening works with the press button and – of course, without any screwing or loss of heat. Moreover, as in case of most vacuum bottles the screw cap can be used as cup.


(Enlarging the image, as always: right click and view!)



Jack Wolfskin's fiberfill sleeping bags

03-04-2017 -

No question that we are unstoppable heading into the summer. In most European countries we have the chance to experience and enjoy the gifts of the spring. And with these warmer seasons we have to count on the growing interest in the outdoor sports, such as hiking, trekking, whatsoever...

Kings of the waves - surfski kayaking

03-04-2017 -

We would like to introduce you surfski kayaking. Naturally for those who already know what on Earth this phrase means this article will serve as a source of extra information on this lovely activity.

A real tribal one - outrigger canoeing

03-04-2017 -

Outrigger boats. These crazy creatures are the target of our current hunting. So, if you haven’t heard of this kind of vessel, than you are at the best spot, and if you have heard of, then this article may contain some new information for you as well.

Texapore Air - Jack Wolfskin

03-04-2017 -

For all the mountain lovers we would like to present the Omega GTX from Hanvag! And of course for anybody else who are interested in the outdoors.