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Sailing heart of Europe - Kiel

03-04-2017 -

This time we would like to guide you to a very nice place of Europe. It is in North Germany, and said to be the heart of Europe regarding sailing. Now we can admit that this place is nothing else than the beautiful and “windful” Kiel. 

Kiel has around 240,000 inhabitants. If you visit this place you can experience the living heart of Schleswig-Holstein that is the northernmost region of Germany. Those who live here, and those who visit the city from all over the world, enjoy a broad and many-sided cultural experience and an intellectual climate marked by openness, curiosity and productivity. Let us introduce some of the most famous attractions of the city: Rathausturm, Kiel Frjord, Kiel Castle, Kiel Opera House.  Festivals and events are part of the city. A particular highlight in the annual event calendar is Kieler Woche – at one and the same time the biggest sailing-sports event in the world, a forum for business and political meetings, and the biggest summer festival in northern Europe. Visitors from all continents greatly enjoy this unique mixture. This notable event that is organized in the last week of June. We are not the only ones saying that the Kiel Regatta is the biggest sailing event on Earth, but you will find this statement everywhere you can find a hand full of words about Kiel or the Regatta itself.

We have to warn everybody who doesn’t really like water sports, or simply water not to even think about coming to Kiel. Of course there are other activities apart from sailing, but you have to know that most of the outdoor people come to Kiel to get even closer to the water. But if you are keen on water, you mustn’t have a doubt that this is one of the best places to visit. Of course for just swimming in the sea it is not really worth coming here, but if you are mad about boats/boards powered by the wind, that is your kind of place!


Optimal conditions on the water and perfect organisation on land have brought Kiel its reputation as the world capital of sailing. Year after year, the capital of Schleswig- Holstein consolidates its leading position with outstanding international sailing-sports events. “KIEL.SAILING MECCA” (ISAF President Göran Peterson) has established itself world-wide as a quality trademark which is not only due to the fact that Kiel was the venue for the Olympic sailing competitions in 1936 and 1972.

At Kieler Woche, the biggest sailing-sports event in the world, some 5,000 sportspeople from 50 nations meet regularly on the sailing reaches in front of Kiel-Schilksee, with more than 2,000 yachts, skiffs and surfboards. In June 2002 the Schleswig-Holstein capital made history, when 500,000 visitors gave the Volvo Ocean Racers a grand reception on their final lap.

With its own sailing camp just for children, KIEL.SAILING CITY ensures to maintain its reputation as the sailing-enthusiastic and child-orientated city in the North. Kiel is the home port for the first German America‘s Cup campaign.

So, if not just need you a sport or sailing event, so you would like to receive a good old mixture of culture and fun, than Kiel is one of the best choice for you, so go for it!



www.kiel.de (17/11/11)



Primus Vacuum Bottles

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