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A real tribal one - outrigger canoeing

03-04-2017 -

Outrigger boats. These crazy creatures are the target of our current hunting. So, if you haven’t heard of this kind of vessel, than you are at the best spot, and if you have heard of, then this article may contain some new information for you as well. 

These strange looking vessels can grab your interest and after you tried them, you will love it for a lifetime. The main evidence for this can be that they have been used for centuries. The roots of these boats lead us to the regions of Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and nowadays it is a quite well-known equipment for water transportation in the whole world. For instance it is the state sport of Hawaii. After these words on the history of the outrigger canoes, we should talk about the vessel itself, what it is indeed.

The outrigger canoes (as it could be presumed from its name) are the types of canoes which have one (or even more) lateral floating support known as outrigger. This/ese outrigger/s is/are attached to the hull. The smaller boats usually employ one outrigger, while the larger can use two, or simply use another hull, but in that case it’s another field of vessels, because they are called catamaran. No question about what makes the outrigger so special, what their main features are. It is the outrigger itself. That tiny little portion that can be made of different materials, usually the same as the hull is made of. That is the essential of these vessels. And the reason that they were created is the stability they can provide.


The secret of the outriggers is the stability. The main difference between the sea and a lake for instance are the huge waves that can easily appear on the open sea. So if you need something that can take you from A to B relatively fast, you will need a vessel that is not too wide but if you imagine a narrow vessel, that may capsize too easily when it meets the first wave. The best solution for this problem is to make the (main) hull narrower and provide a backup for the complete brace. The key is to create a not too wide sum of these two surfaces. So the hull has to stay as narrow as possible. The key was to find the balance, like having a relatively narrow hull with a narrow outrigger, so the canoe can be fast enough for transportation and can also be safe and balanced even on rough waters. These vessels are not only used for recreation, but a lot of people use them for fishing for instance.

The other advantage of these kinds of vesselsis that they can provide the capability of sailing. Naturally today when we would like to purchase an outrigger canoe, we have to decide whether we would like to have one that can be sailed or a simple canoe in which we can paddle only.

Outrigger canoeing has become a popular water sport. The most common type of outrigger canoes which are used as a sport or recreational vehicle is the single (OC1) and six (OC6) person canoe. Of course there are two and four person canoes as well, moreover sometimes two six person vessels are rigged together and perform as a catamaran. All we can say or even suggest is to jump in an outrigger canoe and experience it, and you will see what we were talking about!



Primus Vacuum Bottles

03-04-2017 -

Dehydration... This is one of the worst enemy of all outdoor freaks. The easiest way how we can fight against it, is to carry beverages with us! We would like to introduce in a few words the colourful Vacuum Bottle produced by Primus, the Swedish outdoor expert.

Jack Wolfskin's fiberfill sleeping bags

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Kings of the waves - surfski kayaking

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Texapore Air - Jack Wolfskin

03-04-2017 -

For all the mountain lovers we would like to present the Omega GTX from Hanvag! And of course for anybody else who are interested in the outdoors.