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Kings of the waves - surfski kayaking

03-04-2017 -

We would like to introduce you surf ski kayaking. Naturally for those who already know what on Earth this phrase means this article will serve as a source of extra information on this lovely activity.

Before we go any further we have to clear what a surf ski is. We can assure you that is not something like sliding on waves with a pair of snow skis (even though we have heard about it as well, check out this video for getting to know it). Technically surf skis are very narrow and long, lightweight kayaks that have totally opened cockpits (just like their sit-on-top brothers). If you haven't know what that special vessel was that Thomas Magnum used to ride on when he was fed up with his issues, now we can tell you the truth, it was surf ski he used.

When I've first seen it I thought it was some mixture of a simple surfboard and a flat water kayak. Naturally for people growing up by the ocean it is obvious, but we have to give a clear picture right at the beginning. These beauties are well-known mostly in the warmer coastal regions of the Earth, so you will hardly find anyone in Hawaii who doesn't have the faintest idea what can a surf ski look like.

A normal single surf ski is usually 5-6.5 metres long and 40-50 centimetres wide. Since the surf skis have open cockpit, they behave almost the same as the sit-on-top kayaks in case of a re-entry. It is much easier to get back into a surf ski as well than into a sit-inside kayak if we are in the water. And since the surf skis are usually used in the sea or in the ocean, they often meet huge waves, so hopping off them is quite frequent (mostly at the beginning).

Surf skis are very fast vessels. Paddled on flat water, only the Olympic classed kayaks can be faster than them. So they track quite well, but they have less maneuverability than their Olympic friends, and they have less transverse stability than the shorter and wider kayaks. These kayaks are used all around the world, but as we above mentioned mostly in the warmer coastal regions. And not only for racing use, but their speed is often utilized for surf lifesaving.


Besides they are used to surf kayaking and of course for competitions (on flat water and on ocean as well). Another reason why they are used in the warmer regions is the quite frequent contact with the water. Surf ski kayaking in cooler water requires the paddler the wear of wetsuits at least.

The history of surfskis leads us back in the early 20th century to Australia. Harry McLaren and his brother used an early version of the modern surfskis first. And shortly there after the surf skis' life closely connected with surf lifesaving.

There are different types of surf skis of course. The main difference can be the material they are made of. Nowadays, in the fashion of carbon fibre, we can't have a doubt about the leading material type of a surfski. But of course we can find cheaper ones made of polyethylene, the lighters are made of epocy, fiberglass, kevlar. In the early years, decades they were constructed in the same way as surfboards. The surf skis usually come out with rudders that can be operated with foot pedals, this way we can increase their maneuverability. All we can say about it is just go for it and taste it yourself!


Primus Vacuum Bottles

03-04-2017 -

Dehydration... This is one of the worst enemy of all outdoor freaks. The easiest way how we can fight against it, is to carry beverages with us! We would like to introduce in a few words the colourful Vacuum Bottle produced by Primus, the Swedish outdoor expert.

Jack Wolfskin's fiberfill sleeping bags

03-04-2017 -

No question that we are unstoppable heading into the summer. In most European countries we have the chance to experience and enjoy the gifts of the spring. And with these warmer seasons we have to count on the growing interest in the outdoor sports, such as hiking, trekking, whatsoever...

A real tribal one - outrigger canoeing

03-04-2017 -

Outrigger boats. These crazy creatures are the target of our current hunting. So, if you haven’t heard of this kind of vessel, than you are at the best spot, and if you have heard of, then this article may contain some new information for you as well.

Texapore Air - Jack Wolfskin

03-04-2017 -

For all the mountain lovers we would like to present the Omega GTX from Hanvag! And of course for anybody else who are interested in the outdoors.