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Texapore Air - Jack Wolfskin

03-04-2017 -

For all the mountain lovers we would like to present the Omega GTX from Hanvag! And of course for anybody else who are interested in the outdoors.  

For the 2011/2012 winter season, Jack Wolfskin is combining its new air permeable weather protection technology Texapore Air with down and other materials to create really innovative symbiotic apparel solutions. Texapore Air exhibits the same outstanding windproof and waterproof performance as other Texapore materials but is additionally air permeable. The material’s special structure produces air exchange (convection) through of the fabric of up to 90 litres per minute per square metre. While breathability in conventional weather protection materials remains constant, with Texapore Air it accelerates with increased physical activity, a process known as “dynamic breathability”.

This makes it possible to deliver levels of wear comfort previously only known to softshells. Texapore Air materials are therefore ideal for dynamic activities. Jack Wolfskin has developed two versions of Texapore Air:

-       TEXAPORE AIR O2+ 2L is a 2-layer material with a microporous coating (MVTR: min. 15,000 g/m2/24 h, air permeability: 0.5 l/m2/s, hydrostatic head: 5000 mm).

-       TEXAPORE AIR O3+ 3L is a 3-layer laminate with an integrated membrane and protective reverse side. Its low intrinsic weight makes it predominantly suitable for lightweight products (MVTR: min 30,000 g/m2/24h, air permeability: 1.5 l/m2/s, hydrostatic head: 5000 mm).

Both function according to the same principle: the coating and membrane structures are rather like a thatched roof, i.e. they are made of innumerable layers of very fine microfibrils that lie over one other. The gaps or pores between the microfibrils allow warm, damp air to escape to the outside and cool, fresh


air to enter. Nevertheless both fabrics are fully waterproof and windproof.

For the 2011/2012 winter season Jack Wolfskin is combining the “dynamic breathability” of Texapore Air with down as both materials perfectly complement each other. The down is protected by the waterproof Texapore Air but is still able to “breathe” thanks to Texapore Air’s outstanding air permeability. Moisture is quickly transported to the outside via the air exchange (convection) process, which allows the down to retain its full lofting capacity and insulating properties.

Jack Wolfskin is also using the new innovative materials in its Hiking range: First up here is the all-new Infidels Ice Jacket double jacket. The outer jacket is made of TEXAPORE AIR O3+ 3L, while the inner jacket uses a new fleece – NANUK 150 AIRLOFT. With a mesh backing material, the fleece is very light, highly breathable and has a compact pack size. Its highloft structure makes it nearly as warm as a conventional 200 quality fleece, but considerably lighter.

Together with weight-saving details, these new materials mean that the Infidels Ice Jacket weighs only 1020g (Men, size L) and 835g (Women, size M) – a real light-weight solution. Further features include: the ultra light fixed hood, water resistant zips which require no covering flaps, again saving weight and three pockets.

The Interface Jacket has a rather different design concept. The TEXAPORE AIR O2+ MINIRIP 2L outer jacket is teamed up with a wind resistant inner jacket, which has a polyfiber fill and a highloft airmesh lining. Apart from that, it shares most of the same details as the Infidels Ice Jacket. 


Primus Vacuum Bottles

03-04-2017 -

Dehydration... This is one of the worst enemy of all outdoor freaks. The easiest way how we can fight against it, is to carry beverages with us! We would like to introduce in a few words the colourful Vacuum Bottle produced by Primus, the Swedish outdoor expert.

Jack Wolfskin's fiberfill sleeping bags

03-04-2017 -

No question that we are unstoppable heading into the summer. In most European countries we have the chance to experience and enjoy the gifts of the spring. And with these warmer seasons we have to count on the growing interest in the outdoor sports, such as hiking, trekking, whatsoever...

Kings of the waves - surfski kayaking

03-04-2017 -

We would like to introduce you surfski kayaking. Naturally for those who already know what on Earth this phrase means this article will serve as a source of extra information on this lovely activity.

A real tribal one - outrigger canoeing

03-04-2017 -

Outrigger boats. These crazy creatures are the target of our current hunting. So, if you haven’t heard of this kind of vessel, than you are at the best spot, and if you have heard of, then this article may contain some new information for you as well.