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Privacy policy


The Golopper.com website (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Aktimania Ltd. The terms “the Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and “Golopper.com” and the “Publisher” refer to Aktimania Ltd. The following Privacy Policy describes how the Privacy of the displayer of the advertising and/or sponsorship, listings (the “Partner”, the “Client”, or “You”) and the Privacy of the Users (the “User”, the “Member”, or “You”) are protected.

The Privacy Policy is governed by the Hungarian law and the Hungarian Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from it.

Collecting Personal Information
Golopper.com collects information from their Members, Partners and Users in the following ways: voluntary Partner registration, voluntary Member registration, content submitted by Partners or Members.

Voluntary Partner Registration
When you register as a Partner you are asked to provide the following information:
- Your Username
- Your password (not available by anyone)
- Company name
- geographical information
- phone number
- fax number
- e-mail address
- website
- the full name of your contact person
- the position of your contact person
- e-mail of the contact person
- phone number of the contact person
- fax number of the contact person

With these pieces of information our system creates an account where all this data can be changed.

Voluntary Member Registration
When you register as a Member, you are asked to provide the following information:
- Your Username
- Your password (not available by us)
- Date of birth
- geographical information
- gender
- subscription for e-mail and newsletters on news and special deals
It is optional to provide:
- where you want to travel next
- what activities you would like to try
- what your favourite activities are
- what you like travelling by
- what your favourite accommodation type is
- why you travel for
- who you travel with
- what you like eating or drinking
- what your philosophy of travelling is

With these pieces of information our system creates an account where all this data can be changed.

Content submitted by Partners

When a partner submits an offer that is published and listed according to the search made by the User, the following data will become public:
- the name of the Partner (company name)
- the phone number of the Partner
- the fax number of the partner   
- the website address of the partner
- the e-mail address of the Partner (by clicking the Make an enquiry button)
- the GPS coordinates of the location of the offer
- the name of the city of the location of the offer
- the attached pictures and video
- all pieces of information given to the offer (including description, price, availability, duration etc.)

Other interactive entries
The Partners are able to provide which are searchable on the basis of location and/or activity.
- photos and videos which are searchable on the basis of location and/or activity.

Content submitted by Members

Members are able to disclose different kinds of content on the website by using the interactive parts (such as comments, photo and video submission, reviews, events, help me, I guide). When they use the interactive parts certain pieces of data will become public:
- username
- where you are (only if you set it on the map in the profile)
-what your favourite activities are
- where you would like to travel to
- what activity you would like to try
- what groups you belong to

If a Member publishes his/her trip plan, created in the My Trip module, in the “I guide” module he/she accepts that his/her choice of various offers including their prices and others notes will be seen by other members.

Children’s Personal Information
We do not intend to collect any pieces of information from children under the age of 14. Should we learn that we have inadvertently collected information from child under the age limit, such as name, e-mail address or any other information that would allow someone to identify or contact the child, our administrators will delete that data immediately.

Use of Personal Information

Golopper.com intends to use your personal information in the following ways:
- to send you optional e-mail messages, newsletters
- to serve targeted advertising

Optional e-mail messages and newsletters
We may send you occasional e-mail or newsletters to share useful information with you in connection with your favourite activity etc. that you have selected beforehand in the profile module or special travel deals, or other third party products. When you register you can select whether you wish to receive these messages or not and you can deactivate this service any time.

Targeted Advertising
The sole reason why Golopper.com collects information about the users’ interests (profile – other information box) is to provide the Users with relevant web-advertisement on gears, places, special offers, and any useful information. Users need to know that we do not share any personal information with the advertiser.

Sharing personal information

Golopper.com will not disclose the Users’ personal data unless the law, a regulation or a legal process requires it. Golopper.com only discloses such data that cannot be identified with the User (aggregated data) to third parties such as advertising companies, partners or other services. It is essential to be aware that we do not control the privacy policies of our advertisers and other third parties websites which we provide advertisements and links.

The User has to understand that their personal data disclosed on the Internet can be collected by other Users which activity cannot be controlled by Golopper.com. You are responsible for keeping your password secret.

Golopper.com does not have any liability for publishing data resulting from transmission error or made by unauthorised third parties.

Deleting your account

After registering on Golopper.com you can request the removal of your account with your personal data anytime by sending us an e-mail at admin@golopper.com. You will get a reply with a link which needs to be clicked on for confirmation. After this process your account will be removed in 24 hours from our database but some residual information can remain in our system but not on any public pages.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

By using the Golopper.com website the User shows his/her acceptance of the Privacy Policy. On condition the User does not agree with the Privacy Policy he/she should no longer use the Website.