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Why to become a Golopper?

  • You can easily search for outdoor and other activities based on country, region, city.
  • You can look for various accomodation, attractions and restaurants.
  • You can create your trip by adding all the selected activities, accomodation etc. in one plan.
  • You can get information from others with the "Help me" function or by reading others' entries about a certain destination.
  • You can contribute to the content by adding your Trip as an Iguide or by uploading your photos and videos.
  • You can join various groups or create your own to discuss stuff.
  • You can get ideas by reading others' Trip descriptions and experiences.

To become a Member of Golopper is easy

  • Register as a Golopper.
  • Add all necessary data.
  • Add other data about your interest, plans, philosphy of travel.
  • Start searching for other travellers.
  • Add your stuff to the site.