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About us

The idea of Golopper arose in 2009. We wanted to create a site where people can easily find outdoor activities with videos, pictures, comments. Then we thought that accomodation is also important if somebody takes an active holiday, moreover they often need food to be able to keep going, therefore we added some new functions to the plan. During the process of development, we realized that all these pieces of information could be put together just like a puzzle, so we created the trip planner tool which gives the opportunity to organize your own vacation.

So, here we go now! Golopper has become a place where you can find the tiniest and friendliest tour operator, the most hidden vacation rental in the woods and the best local restaurant at one place.

Be part of Golopper.com with us and help building it in the future.

And who are we? Well, a bunch of outdoor freaks who love nature and love creating their own ways to discover it. We count on you in this mission!

Let's make Golopper - our activity guide!