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Tandem Skydive, Tandem Fallschirmspringen, Tandem paracadutismo, Tandem skok padobranom, Padalski skok

2013.04.12 - skokpadobranom

Tandem skydive is the safest and most popular way for first jump from airplane and experience free fall. It provides you the thrill and all adrenalin rush of skydiving, without having to go through the stress of skydive training. It\'s a 15 minutes preparation with your tandem instructor and you will be ready for tandem skydive!

Skydiving as an original gift is one of most exciting experience. That feeling stays with you for a long time. We provide all the information about the jump, get all the answers, remove the doubts and enter the vastness of the sky. Enthusiasm and a sense of fulfillment is guaranteed. Several thousand meters above the earth, the sky becomes your 3D playground, the best place to experience the free fall and gravity at work.
Your safety is always our top priority! www.skokpadobranom.com

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