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PIENINY and ZAMAGURIE region on the north east of SLOVAKIA

2012.02.16 - Mike

If you want to get away from hectic as well as pressurised day to day life living in the city just pop in to Pieniny and fully recover you energy

Just an hour drive from the High Tatras on the northeast-tern part of Slovakia is situated the region Zamagurie. It`s surrounded by Spisska Magura to the east of the High Tatras and lies on the border with Poland. It extends to eastern part of the Pieniny National Park (PIENAP), which is the area in terms of zoological, botanical and geological significance most attractive by tourists. The attractive natural scenery of an interesting relief of rocky walls, towers and trust outliers of various shapes which together with the river Dunajec Canyon form extensive landscape dominants. The river Dunajec, a border between Poland and Slovakia, flows among resistant limestone rocks throughout natural attraction Pieniny National Park into the Visla river in Poland and then up to the Baltic Sea.

The highest point of the region, Tri Koruny (Three Crowns; 982m), are one of the most attractive hills to climb when visiting the park. The Three Crowns are lying on the Polish side and are easy to access from Slovakia.

Apart from hiking the location is visited by thousands of visitors to enjoy very popular traditional rafting on floats (made of wood) and also sport rafting on inflatable boats or kayaks. There is also possibility of cross-country cycling with variety of cycle paths. Then fishing, hunting and voyage on water basin are one of the favourite outdoor activities. All the sport equipments are available for hiring in the local sport businesses so you do not need to bother to carry with you all your stuff across the countries.

The set of administration, in the National Park Pieniny, is the village Červený Kláštor. There is a museum of Red Monastery. It is a magical place. According to an old legend once there lived in the monastery lost in the mountains, a master of a thousand handicrafts, the doctor and herbalist, a mysterious monk Cyprian. People say that he devised a flying machine, and one day, he flew to God. The legend may be true as there was also recently filmed a movie called Flying Cyprian where the main plot was based on the story about a mysterious monk Cyprian.

Further attraction to visit in Červený Kláštor is recently returned Spa with mineral springs. They are suitable for balneological treatment of skin diseases, musculoskeletal and all gastro problems.
All those sport activities will make you tired therefore it is good to stop to get some beer and nice traditional food in one of the local traditional restaurants or pubs that are plenty around in Červený Kláštor, Lesnica, Haligovce or Spišská Stará Ves. There is also cheep and beautiful accommodation in this area so please see my guide and recommendation in my blog.

If you explore most of this area and would wish to see further attraction accessible within short distance there are lots of great places to see. They are located in SPA Vyšné Ružbachy, Stará Ľubovňa (Castle), Szczawnica (SPA), Lesnica, Haligovce, Spišská Stará Ves, High Tatras, Niedzica(Castle), Zakopane and Krakow( Wieliczka Salt Mine and ect.)


2012.02.17 12:37

This looks appealing....


2012.02.17 09:40

I have been here before! This place is amazing, man! It's worth going there!
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