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The Mocanita - a real forest steam rail...

04-07-2014 - Destination of the Week

Let us lead you to a very unique place of Europe. And this time we are not just informing you about the certain region, but we would like to introduce a conserved piece of the history. Its nick name is Mocanita, but you may meet it with the name: Vaser Valley Railway or CFF Viseu de Sus.

Bouldering Basics

04-07-2014 - Activities

Let me talk about bouldering a bit. This activity can be called the very basics of rock climbing. So this is a very basic discipline which can help you a lot in improving your climbing techniques, or even learning the basics of the whole sport if you are a total newbie.

Hanwag - Escalator

04-07-2014 - Gears and gadgets

Have you ever heard of approach shoes? If not, this is the best occasion for you, since we are about to introduce one of these kinds. Firtsly, we are very happy to say that it is another Hanwag product. This esteemed company released its first approach shoes with Cocona® lining.

Loïc Jean-Albert

04-07-2014 - Golo's Guest

We had a little chat with a very kind sportsmen, Loïc Jean-Albert! He is a flying buddy, or with a navy terminology: "FlyBoy"! We were talking about sports and life, and how one can enjoy life properly!

Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

04-07-2014 - Golo's Tips

This will be the second time in Golopper’s history that we navigate you to Croatia. This time we focus (and make you focus) on Novi Vinodolski, this little and peaceful Adriatic town with around 5000 inhabitants.